Through a holistic planning approach we can help you coordinate a strategy to accomplish your financial objectives. Integral to this wealth management solution is the personalized website and custom account services that Baystate provides.

This technology platform, Personal Financial View SM, puts all of your key financial data and critical documents at your fingertips. We will work with you on strategy, implementation and ongoing monitoring and updates.

Account Connection
Your account balances and holdings are updated automatically to reflect the values provided by your financial institutions, streamlining the organization and management of your data.
Spending and Budgeting
The spending and budgeting area allows you to track your spending and work to create a monthly budget. It allows you to see whether you are overspending your budget or whether you remain on track month to month.
Access a suite of reports updated through linked accounts.
On-line Vault
Stores, organizes, and secures your important legal, financial and personal documents in one place.
Alerts & Alarms
Customization that allows you and your Baystate advisory team to effectively monitor your accounts, ensuring that you are on track to meet your goals.
Awards Manager
Track frequent flyer miles, hotel award points, credit card awards and other point programs.

All Your Accounts on One Page                  Get Updated on Your Investments                         Track Your Progress Towards Your Goals

See Your Transactions                                 Monitor Your Spending                                            Access Important Documents

Recent advancements in technology have given us the opportunity to satisfy our clients’ needs for up-to-date financial information, access to important documents, and a system to keep track of their financial holdings.     It will help us continue to deliver the services and guidance we’ve been providing to our clients, and give you gentle reminders to help you stay on course.  Contact Baystate Financial today for more information.